More than 25 Years consulting experience

Nearly a decade of FIPS 140 certifications

Industry Leading Breadth and Depth of Expertise

Welcome to ThinqSoft

ThinqSoft has been a leader in FIPS 140 validation software and consulting services since we opened in 2014. Our clients come from a wide range of size and experience level – from startup “first-timers” to some of the big names in Enterprise IT.

We do most of our projects as work-for-hire, or with strict NDAs, so you won’t see us blast our client list across a marquee. We’ll bring that same level of discretion to your engagement, if that’s your wish. We want to work with good people, on projects that matter to them, in order to create a more secure world.

The transition from CAVS to ACVTS has been a driver to bring our software and consulting expertise to the fore. The introduction of ACVPro may be the reason you’ve heard about us, but our rich experience and unmatched expertise is why you’ll choose to partner with us.

A Word from Our Founder

I’ve been blessed to be witness to the birth of the modern computer industry. I’ve watched technologies be born, come of age, and die to newer generations of innovation – Natural Selection played out on a different stage.

It started quite simply with a Commodore 64. Transcribing programs and games from BYTE magazine and saving them on cassette tapes. From there it became a TRS-80, an Atari 800XL, and finally on to PCs.

My first real job was writing software for an insurance company, and I’ve never stopped. I’ve written a lot of contract software, some of which is mentioned on our Software Engineering page. I’ve worked in IT management and administration, from a small 20-member law firm to a 1200-seat network with offices around the globe.

I ended up at a large FIPS 140-2 consulting agency. For nearly 3 years, I led their software development and algorithm testing group. I was responsible for a team of testers that validated algorithms for more than 50 modules – hardware, software, operating systems, mobile devices, you name it. Along the way, I participated in all aspects of the certification business, including informational workshops, architecture and engineering support, creation of document sets, functional testing, and full scope project management.

For the last 5 years I’ve worked under the name Symbiotic Systems Research, LLC.

SSR has now evolved into ThinqSoft

We serve to enable our clients to do what they do best – develop and sell their products. We take care of the certification expertise, so you can be experts in your own fields.