Preparing for Algorithm Testing

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Algorithm Testing is a necessary part of both FIPS 140 validations as well as some Common Criteria (CC) certifications. This testing isn’t without risk, and failing to properly prepare for algorithm testing can cause missed milestones, strain development resources, and introduce unnecessary uncertainty in the process. Here are some steps vendors can take to help

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Algorithm Testing for Common Criteria

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Every vendor who has gone through a FIPS 140 validation is familiar with CAVP algorithm testing -- It’s a necessary step of the validation process. But algorithm testing isn’t for FIPS 140 alone! Some vendors are finding that they are required to do algorithm testing for Common Criteria (CC) certifications. What’s up with that? Common

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ACVTS Transition

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The transition to ACVTS has been finalized and announced to the public on October 18th. With the announcement, it’s time to begin planning for the transition. Here’s what we know so far -- The CAVS system will remain operational through June 30, 2020. New submission can be made until 11:59pm on that day. The new

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ACVTS — What you need to know

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The Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program (CAVP) is the group within NIST that oversees the validation and testing of cryptographic algorithms found in security modules. Most vendors are introduced to the CAVP while the are pursuing a FIPS 140 validation under the sibling Cryptographic Module validation Program (CMVP). The ACVP has announced a new system for

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