The transition to ACVTS has been finalized and announced to the public on October 18th. With the announcement, it’s time to begin planning for the transition. Here’s what we know so far —

The CAVS system will remain operational through June 30, 2020. New submission can be made until 11:59pm on that day.

The new ACTVS system is currently processing validations, and it is the “preferred” method going forward. All submissions after July 1, 2020 must be on the new system.

As an incentive for labs to transition early, a restriction on CAVS submissions has been announced. After Jan. 1, 2020, validation labs won’t be able to submit validations under CAVS unless they have demonstrated capabilities to perform testing on the new ACVTS production environment.

You read that correct — no submissions after Jan.1 unless you possess credentials on the production environment. How do you get credentials on the production server? Thinqsoft can help! Our ACVPro tool can get you working on the new system in a matter of hours. Contact us for more information and a demo.